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Doctors at Smile Design Center of Brooklyn can help you to smile again with new beautiful healthy smile. Our patients can get the desired changes in teeth color and shape, naturally looking “Hollywood smile”. We also provide lip rejuvenation with the help of Dermal Fillers (like Juvederm and etc.)

We provide full mouth rehabilitation for our patients with missing teeth or teeth structure due to grinding or clenching and any other reasons. Veneers, crowns, implants can be used depending on clinical situations to compensate for lost tooth structures and missing teeth.

  • Cleaning the plaque with water
    Cleaning the plaque with water

    During the free diagnostics, our specialist will detect.

    from $ 210
  • Cleaning by mechanical means
    Cleaning by mechanical means

    During the free diagnostics, our specialist will detect.

    from $ 145
  • Teeth whitening by tone
    Teeth whitening by tone

    During the free diagnostics, our specialist will detect.

    from $ 295

Smile Makeover results

In “Drnatadds” we use only safe techniques and therefore use a modern system of chemical bleaching Opalescene, which allows you to lighten your teeth in 1 procedure, lasting no more than an hour, by 2 tones. Thus, in 2-3 sessions, you can achieve a lightening of the enamel by 6 tones. It is recommended to maintain the interval between procedures – 2 weeks. A stable result will remain for 2-3 years, if all the recommendations of the dentist are followed.

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